1. Your strokes( consonants) length should be 1/3 of inch which is standard length while on the learning phase. However, strokes lengths can be reduced after completing you book as while writing dictations from magazine doesn’t need to place vowels.

2. Do repeat each and every word in your notebook atleast 30 times.

3. Do practice all excercises given in books whether you practice from Pitmen, Gd bisht or any book.

4. Don’t waste your time and money on tutors who tell you that it will take 6 months to 1 year to complete book. ( It usually takes 3-6 months in normal circumstances).

5. If you want to opt for stenography in english then atleast your english should be average and should not be poor.

6. Good english will help you to build maximum phrases and ommition of words which will enhance your speed.

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