Learn Stenography Language In 6months - 1year

Faculty in Our Institute Gives personal attention to Students and check their Stenography outline regularly. Eventually students are able to complete their theory learning part in 3-5 months and start dictation from speed of 60 wpm which can be increased to 80 wpm in just 2 months after starting Dictations from magazine. which results in students are able to learn stenography from our center in 6 months-1 year which makes our Institute top in Stenography course Rohini Delhi. 

If needed Students are given extra classes, Extra specialized Study material/notes and Stationary facility is also in our Institute for students.

Students performance is assessed by weakly tests. so, that Gap analysis can be done and mistakes can be omitted which eventually makes students perfect in all fields. Like Stenography, typing and transcriptions. 

  • Live tests is conducted for Stenograhy Dictation batches in which 10 minutes dictation is give at appropriate speed and 50 minutes is given to them to transcribe it on computer. 
  • maximum 10 students is filled in a single batch so that personal attention can be given to students and teaching quality can be maintained. 

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 stenography course in rohini delhi

  • SSC Stenographer grade C and D (best career opportunity as students able to work with different ministeries of Government.)
  • Railway steno. (Stenography course Rohini Delhi. 
  • CRPF (ASI)
  • DSSB
  • Banks
  • Companies
  • Organizations
  • School, Colleges & Institutes
  • Hospitality Industry
  • courts

Shorthand Course in Delhi

Specialised Fields

  • Shorthand - English (Shorthand course Rohini Delhi with most experienced faculties. )
  • Type - English
  • Transcription


Special Emphasis in this course is placed on:

  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Formation of Paragraphs while transcription
  • Knowledge of advanced outlines and phrases
  • Spellings
  • Capitalisation of essential words
  • Commas - essential as well as non-essential
  • Colon and Semi-Colon
  • Dash and Hyphen
  • Commonly Confused Words

* A special book is available to improve above mentioned topics which has been written by Rohit Sir Which is available in Institute. 

Programme Details:

  • Personal Coaching is provided to the individual student who is at intial stage of shorthand (Book Stage). To complete this course of principles, it consumes 6 months.
  • After the principles and rules of the book are over, the student is made to write the dictation up to 70 WPM within a period of one month or so.
  • As soon as the student crosses this stage, he/she is put in the dictation class of 80-100 WPM.
  • To achieve the speed of 100-120 WPM, one has to consume 2-3 months more
  • On the whole, to become a stenographer Grade-D, one has to consume 10-12 months in all and to become Grade-C Stenographer, one has to put 4 months months more.

Special points for the students:

  • The Institute is working Mon-Sat of the week throughout the year
  • On Saturday's Special Transcription classes are conducted.
  • daily from 8:30 A.M. to 10 A.M. and evening 6-7 pm, Special Transcription classes are conducted.
  • All the Shorthand college students are allowed to use the computers of the Institute for Transcription without any additional fee
  • One month before the day of commencement of the Shorthand Examination, in addition to the existing Speed/Transcription classes, students are deployed to attempt more Transcriptions throughout the day. This practice is done on war-footing basis.
  • Shorthand students of the College are made to learn all the principles of puctuation, including commas - essential as well as non-essential
  • All the Shorthand students of the College are allowed to attend as many classes as he/she can during the whole day without any additional fee
  • Shorthand students are taught individually at the Book/Theory are taught individually.
  • Individual attention is paid to the weak students too.
students getting Stenography diploma certificate
student got 1st position in 1st Semester exam
typing lab of nivt